Ugandan Man Marries Seven Wives On Same Day -

Ugandan Man Marries Seven Wives On Same Day

A 43-year-old traditional healer hailing from the Namasengere village in Uganda’s Mukono District has recently gained widespread attention for his remarkable actions. Habib Nsikonnene, known for his deep pockets compared to the local standards, astounded his community by meeting the parents of his seven prospective wives within the span of a week.

Nsikonnene took his commitment a step further by simultaneously tying the knot with all seven of his fiancés, two of whom are sisters. These unions were celebrated with opulent traditional Muslim weddings, or Nikkah ceremonies, hosted at the homes of each bride.

Following these ceremonies, Nsikonnene hosted an extravagant reception for all seven brides, along with their friends and families, at his own residence. Subsequently, he moved in with his newly-wedded spouses.

The grandeur of Nsikonnene’s wedding procession did not go unnoticed, with approximately 40 vehicles and 30 motorcycles reportedly forming part of the convoy. This display of extravagance left area residents speculating that Nsikonnene’s business ventures must be quite lucrative.

To the local community, Nsikonnene has emerged as somewhat of a legendary figure, putting their remote village on the map. Emmanuel Owere, the Namasengere Village chairperson, expressed his admiration for Nsikonnene, who settled in the village about four years ago.

“When he settled here, little did we know that he would bring us fame. Our village name is trending everywhere,” Owere remarked. In recognition of Nsikonnene’s contributions to the village and his newfound fame, the village chairperson has even proposed naming a road in the area after him.

“He is a rare man because, given his status in society, he has been mingling with everyone. He is a hard worker, and locals should emulate him,” Owere commented, highlighting Nsikonnene’s approachable nature and strong work ethic.