Inside Mike Sonko’s Multimillion Night Club In Mombasa With Bulletproof Floor And Gold Coated Walls

Shanzu, Mombasa County, is home to the club. This nightclub claims to be the “greatest membership club in Eastern and Western Africa” on their Facebook page. Sonko has a history of investing in clubs like this one.

Other properties owned by the multimillionaire include the Sonko Family Resort, the Casuarina Bar and Restaurant in Buru Buru, the Kimerameta Safari Lodge on top of Golini Hill in Kwale county, and the Salama Maridadi Beach Hotel in Kilifi. However, none of them have made it to the top of the VIP Volume Club.

Business negotiations can take place in a soundproof VIP boardroom, and the club can hold up to 15,000.

The walls are decorated with gold lion statues that exude authority and sophistication, in keeping with the Versace concept.

The club’s marketing plan includes allocating space for customers to take photos and selfies for use on social media. The club’s white leather couches are another wonderful photo op.

Sonko claims that the bulletproof floor’s innovative use of architectural technologies will make it feel like the dancers are floating in midair.

The toilet seats in the club’s bathrooms are covered in gold, and the walls feature similar ornamentation.

A New Year’s Eve celebration hosted by Sonko was attended by Tanasha Donna, Vera Sidika, Vera’s husband Brown Mauzo, and Brown and Vera’s daughter Asia.

Even with fans watching on and yelling their approval, Vera Sidika and her husband managed to steal a romantic moment on the dance floor.