Entrepreneur Amber Ray Says She No longer Holds Grudge Against Vera Sidika

Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur, Amber Ray, recently disclosed in an interview with Amina Abdi that she harbors no ill feelings towards fellow socialite and reality TV star Vera Sidika. Emphasizing her commitment to a drama-free existence, Amber Ray conveyed her desire for a tranquil life devoid of animosity.

While acknowledging a previous rift with Vera Sidika, Amber Ray affirmed that it now resides firmly in the past. Reflecting on past conflicts that spilled onto social media platforms, she expressed a newfound sense of peace and an absence of grudges.

Addressing past statements made about Vera Sidika, wherein she criticized her for perceived insincerity, Amber Ray reiterated her stance. Moreover, she recounted an incident where she alleged Sidika had neglected her late best friend, a claim echoed by her interviewer, Dr. Ofweneke. Despite these tensions, Amber Ray asserted a sense of acceptance, stating that while affection may be absent between them, it does not disrupt her peace.

In essence, Amber Ray’s remarks underscore a desire for harmony and reconciliation, marking a departure from previous discord with Vera Sidika.