No Cows!My dowry is Sh2 million – Stivo Simple Boy ex-Pritty Vishy Declares

Pritty Vishy, who is the ex-girlfriend of Kenyan artist Stivo Simple Boy, has made headlines after setting her dowry at Sh2 million. In a recent interview, Vishy stated that any man interested in marrying her must pay the dowry in cash, and warned against bringing cows as a form of payment. She expressed her preference for either the full amount or a car to be presented to her parents.

While the media has been curious about the status of her relationship with Stivo Simple Boy, Vishy revealed that they broke up in January of this year and have not spoken much since then. However, she has promised to continue supporting Stivo regardless of their breakup.

In Kenyan culture, dowries are an important part of traditional marriage ceremonies, and are often paid in livestock or money. In 2017, former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith revealed that her dowry was set at Sh2.5 million.

Despite the controversy around the topic, Vishy’s decision to set her dowry at Sh2 million is a personal one and reflects her desires as a potential bride. It is important for individuals to communicate their expectations in relationships and marriages, and for partners to have open discussions about finances and other expectations.

Ultimately, the amount of a dowry should not be the sole determining factor in a marriage. True love and commitment should be the foundation of any relationship, and couples should strive to build strong partnerships based on mutual respect and understanding.