SHAME! Bungoma Man caught in the act with a calf – What is wrong with Luhya men? (PHOTOs)
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SHAME! Bungoma Man caught in the act with a calf –Dry spell is Real (PHOTOs)

Residents of Kimaeti in Bungoma County are still reeling in shock after a 22-year-man was caught in the act with a calf.

The owner of the calf,claims he heard acommotion in the cowshed and when he went to check what was going on, he caughtt the said man in the act.

“Nilipata kijana amekwamilia kwa ngombe nikastuka kwanza alafu nikaskia kucheka ndio nikaita majirani waje waoone maajabu,”.

Neighbors came to answer the call and distinguished the man as Martin ongeli, a shamba boy to one of the area residents.

Ongeli tried to defend himself saying that he had to do as such on the grounds that ladies are scare.

“Mimi hakuna msichana ananiagalianga, sasa dama ndio ilichemka nikaamua nijipoeshe na hii ngombe juu hakuna mwanamke ashaniguza, sio kupenda kwangu lakini ningeomba mnitafutie tu bibi ndio nisikie vile wanaume wengine wanaskianga,” ongeli said.

Residents who threatened to lynch the man were calmed down by the area chief and the man arrested.

The calf owner said that he will kill the animal because according to his belief, it is an abomination to own an animal that has engaged in the shameful act with a human being.

The Kimaeti area priest condemend the demonstration and said that the home should be cleansed.