See How Miguna Miguna Was Betrayed by Raila Odinga alias BABA

In a recent interview hosted by Obinna’s YouTube channel, Kenyan lawyer and activist Miguna Miguna articulated a provocative rationale for his recent reentry into Kenya, suggesting that he would not have returned had his political adversary Raila Odinga emerged victorious in the election.

Miguna leveled accusations against both Odinga and former President Uhuru Kenyatta, alleging that they had impeded his return to Kenya. He emphatically stated, “Even in the scenario where Raila assumed the presidency, I would have abstained from returning to Kenya.”

Expressing a sense of betrayal, Miguna asserted, “I administered the oath to Raila Odinga. I vested him with the authority he rightfully earned through electoral victory, only for him to evade it and brand me as an illegitimate pretender. This, to me, epitomizes the tragic state of affairs in Africa.”

Despite his erstwhile allegiance to Raila, Miguna professed his support for current President William Ruto, commending him for his adherence to judicial directives and his facilitation of Miguna’s repatriation to the nation.

Miguna’s homecoming follows years of exile in Canada, precipitated by a red alert placed on his passport by the preceding administration—a measure he construed as a politically motivated reprisal for his criticisms of the Kenyatta government.

Reflecting on his extensive sojourns in Canada before and after what he characterizes as his exile, Miguna delved into the political schisms within Kenya, recounting instances of being detained at airports for prolonged periods.