“Mwenye pesa sijui anakaa vipi” Businesswoman Anne Njeri Opens Up About the Ownership of Sh17 Billion Oil

Controversial business figure Anne Njeri Njoroge has expressed surprise at the skepticism surrounding her ability to import oil valued at Ksh17 billion, currently held at the port of Mombasa for over a month.

In an exclusive interview with Citizen TV at an undisclosed location, the entrepreneur, who has been making headlines recently, responded to doubts about the origin of her wealth. Anne Njeri dismissed the notion that wealthy individuals conform to a specific appearance, stating, “Nobody knows what a wealthy person looks like. Wealthy people don’t have a specific appearance. They are not self-conscious about it. Nobody knows how a wealthy person looks.”

Addressing concerns raised by Kenyans regarding her capacity to handle a substantial oil import, Anne Njeri refuted the doubts circulating about her financial capabilities. A significant portion of the Kenyan population has questioned her wealth, suggesting that she may be a front for a well-known Kenyan billionaire or politician.

During the interview, the enigmatic businesswoman disclosed that her mother is unaware of the extent of her wealth, despite being aware of her engagement in business. “My mother doesn’t know how much money I have. She knows I am a businesswoman; that she knows. But, you know, there are things you don’t say,” remarked Anne Njeri.

In a recent interview, Anne Njeri’s mother, Pauline Njoroge, admitted to journalists that she had no knowledge of her daughter’s substantial wealth. Pauline revealed that, aside from being uninformed about her daughter’s financial status, she had not seen her in the past five years.

As the alleged owner of the Ksh17 billion worth of oil held at the port of Mombasa, Anne Njeri has been gaining notoriety in recent weeks. Speculations about the source of her wealth have led to expectations that she will present herself at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) offices in Nairobi this week.