HouseMaid Working In Saudi Arabia Salary Per Month In Kenyan Shillings

HouseMaid Working In Saudi Arabia Salary Per Month In Kenyan Shillings

Working in the Middle East Countries like Saudi Arabia is not simple.It needs self responsibilities and commitment.Job opportunities are becoming limited and scarce.To get the this opportunity of working in Saudi Arabia, you’ll need to visit the respective offices so that you can apply for the job and wait for approval.

Some people who are or were working in Saudi Arabia say that they are humiliated in different ways-several people who came from there say that they are just fine while in other cases we get the news that some of our House helps working there are killed by their employers.It can be true because even in our country there are many conflicts between employers and house keepers which is totally not good and which needs to be solved.My advice to people who are working in a foreign country is that try to make many friends, and also try to learn there language for effective communication when you encounter a problem.Be friendly and Respect there family too.

Their Monthly Salary

The house help monthly salary in Saudi Arabia ranges between 4,680SAR which is the minimum pay and 9,200SAR which is for the experienced ones or a maximum pay in a month. SAR is the Saudi Arabian currency and when these amount is converted to Kenyan Shillings is about KES 144,603 and KES 284,262 respectively.

Note that 1SAR is equal to Ksh.30 and also the amount stated above is an estimate.

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