Was She a Sanpaku-eyed Girl? Details Emerge About 1 of KU Students Who Died in Road Accident

A recent development has surfaced in the tragic road accident that resulted in the loss of six young lives, including students from Kenyatta University (KU), last Friday. Concerns have arisen online regarding Osla Mwendwa, one of the KU students who passed away, with some individuals questioning whether she exhibited facial features associated with a concept known as “sanpaku.”

Originating in Japan, sanpaku is a belief suggesting that individuals showing an excessive amount of white below the iris may be susceptible to misfortune or negative personality traits. The speculation surrounding Mwendwa is based on a circulated photograph displaying these characteristics.

Despite lacking scientific validity, this theory has garnered attention online. However, it is essential to prioritize the tragic loss of these young lives. Mwendwa’s family is currently mourning the loss of their daughter, and additional online discussions may only exacerbate their grief.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that Mwendwa’s father is coping with the loss of another daughter, who also tragically perished in a car accident just one year prior. This heartbreaking revelation underscores the immense pain the family is enduring.

During this challenging time, it is crucial for Kenyans to show respect for the grieving families and refrain from spreading unfounded claims. Our deepest sympathies extend to all those affected by this devastating accident.

In an emotional moment, Mwendwa’s father shared with the gathering that he had lost another daughter in a road accident along Kiambu Road in 2023. Expressing his profound sorrow, he described Mwendwa as his sole source of hope following the loss of his other daughter.

“One year ago, one month, perhaps only a few hours, I stood before a congregation much like this one at Ridgeways Baptist Church, Kiambu Road, to mourn the passing of my daughter, Michelle, in a tragic road accident. On that day, Oslo stood by my side as the only beacon of hope. Today, my son stands beside me as our family pays tribute to Oslo,” the grieving father shared.