“We are tired of you, we will work with Ruto”- Migori Leaders Tell Raila.

Migori County seems to be divided given by the latest outburst by a section of its leaders.

The leaders said that they have endorsement DP Ruto’s presidential bid saying that he is the right person to revolutionize the country’s politics.

The leaders led by Kuria West MP Mathias Robi, speaking on Thursday, June 11, said that they are more than ready to work with Ruto, claiming that he is the most fit politician to succeed President Uhuru.

“As Kuria community, we are firmly on course to vote for Ruto as our next president, we are in UDA and will work with any other parties for this end,” Robi said.

The also added that they were tired of intimidation by Raila and his ODM Party.

“Migori is a cosmopolitan county and we won’t be intimidated by Raila and his ODM party in this.”

Raila and Migori Governor, Obado have been in a long time battle with insiders saying that Raila was behind the recent motion to impeach the governor.

Obado’s rivalry with Raila is said to have started after the governor expressed his support to Ruto and his Hustler Nation.

Ruto and Obado have been allies since the Migori Governor’s tenure at the Kenya Sugar Board when Ruto was the Minister for Agriculture.