” Nateseka Please Help Me, I’m A Drug Addict” Gengetone Artist Edu Maddox Cries Out.

Edu Maddox stands out as a prominent figure within the Kenyan Gengetone music scene, recognized as an integral member of the widely acclaimed music ensemble, Boondocks Gang.

During the timeframe spanning from 2018 to 2020, Boondocks Gang occupied a paramount position in Kenya’s music landscape. Gengetone music was the prevailing trend, and among the standout acts were Edu Maddox, Odi Wa Murang’a, and Ex ray, who consistently delivered chart-topping hits. Nevertheless, the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic dealt a severe blow to Gengetone, precipitating a substantial decline in its fortunes. It was during this challenging period that Edu Maddox’s life took a distressing turn.

The group faced a significant reduction in live performances and income, leading to a sense of despair that ultimately engulfed Maddox. His response to these trying circumstances took the form of drug abuse, a self-destructive coping mechanism. Despite well-intentioned efforts to assist him, Maddox succumbed to the grips of addiction, which began to define his existence.

Videos depicting Maddox in inebriated and despondent states circulated widely on social media, prompting many to offer their support, albeit with limited tangible results.

In an interview with Tuko, Maddox candidly admitted to his struggle with substance abuse, acknowledging that it had thrust him into the spotlight but left him impoverished. He expressed a newfound determination to reverse this downward spiral, vowing to return to the recording studio and revive his musical career.

Maddox implored the Kenyan public for assistance, revealing the profound challenges he had faced. He expressed his readiness to seize any opportunity that would enable him to reclaim his aspiration of becoming the foremost artist in Kenya. In doing so, he extended a plea to his fellow countrymen, appealing for their support in his journey towards redemption.