TZ Diamond Platnumz Arrives on Stage in a Coffin at Wasafi Festival -

TZ Diamond Platnumz Arrives on Stage in a Coffin at Wasafi Festival

Tanzanian Bongo sensation Diamond Platnumz made an unforgettable entrance at the Wasafi Festival, leaving his dedicated fans in absolute astonishment.

Diamond Platnumz’s arrival was nothing short of extraordinary and took the audience by complete surprise. A group of robust men, clad in mourning attire, marched towards the stage, bearing a coffin upon their sturdy shoulders. The anticipation in the air was palpable as the crowd eagerly awaited what would unfold.

The stage itself exuded an eerie ambiance, with a dark theme enveloping the surroundings. Lanterns illuminated a mysterious pathway, while skeletal figures were strategically placed along the route, adding to the Halloween-inspired atmosphere. Haunting melodies played softly in the background, perfectly complementing the overall theme.

The coffin was carefully positioned on the stage, standing upright alongside several others, accompanied by a group of individuals who appeared to be enveloped in a solemn mood. To the astonishment of the spectators, Diamond Platnumz emerged from one of the coffins, clutching a microphone, and immediately commenced his performance, captivating the hundreds of fans in attendance.

In a candid revelation on Instagram, Diamond Platnumz described the experience of emerging from a coffin as nothing short of exhilarating, admitting to feeling a sense of fear throughout his time inside.

Opinions on this dramatic entrance have been divided. Some applaud it as a display of creativity, evoking a heightened sense of excitement and anticipation for the show. However, others have criticized the use of coffins for entertainment, citing their symbolic association with loss and death.

It’s worth noting that Diamond Platnumz is not the first artist to make a grand entrance from a coffin. Last year, during the Afro East Carnival, Ibraah, the singer and songwriter signed under the Konde Music Worldwide label, similarly made a startling arrival on stage in a coffin, leaving fans in shock. Even Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones, back in 2017, utilized a coffin as part of his stage performance.

In each instance, the stage was set with a somber atmosphere, and the “pallbearers” made their solemn march. However, the moment the coffin touched the stage, the artists emerged with boundless energy, delivering unforgettable performances that left the audience in awe.