“Kibe Ni Mjinga Sana, Upuzi Yake Imefanya Vijana Hawaamini Mapenzi” Mungai Eve says.

In a recent interview with presenter Ali, Mungai Eve, a prominent Kenyan female YouTuber and content creator, openly criticized Andrew Kibe for the impact of his content on the perception of love among the youth.

According to Eve, Kibe’s perspective on love is influenced by his own failed marriage and relationships, leading him to assume that everyone shares similar experiences. She described him as a useless individual who squandered his youth and now exhibits childish behavior with the content he shares with Kenyans.

Eve expressed concern about the detrimental effects of Kibe’s foolishness on Kenyan boys and men, suggesting that his negative views on love contribute to a widespread skepticism among men. She argued that many men are reluctant to believe in true love or express affection through gifts, fearing rejection due to the influence of Kibe’s content.

Kibe’s biased perspective towards girls and women, as per Eve, stems from the pain of being dumped by his wife. She emphasized that Kibe has not healed from this experience, leading to his continued negative outlook on relationships.

Unfazed by Kibe, Mungai Eve openly admitted her strong dislike for him, labeling him as an idiot and an old man engaging in activities unbecoming of his age. Alongside Trevor, she asserted their intention to take disciplinary action against Kibe upon his return to Kenya.