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Celebrated Singer Wahu Kagwi Shares Adorable Photo Shoot Moment With Lastborn Daughter

Kenyan celebrity Wahu Kagwi, known for her prowess in both music and mathematics, recently delighted fans with heartwarming moments captured during a photo session with her youngest daughter, Shiru.

In a series of candid snapshots, Wahu and Shiru were seen relishing their time together in the studio. With infectious joy, Wahu lay on the studio floor while Shiru, her adorable toddler, playfully attempted to clamber onto her back. Sharing the behind-the-scenes glimpse on her Insta stories, Wahu expressed her excitement at the opportunity to share these precious moments with Shiru, highlighting the priceless bond between a mother and her young child.

In a playful video clip captioned “Photo shoots with a toddler be like…”, Wahu and Shiru engaged in a delightful conversation, showcasing the natural and heartwarming interactions between the two.

For the shoot, Wahu donned a chic yellow dress, perfectly complementing Shiru’s light blue attire. Amidst the camera clicks, Shiru, ever curious, explored the studio space, occasionally trailing behind her mother.

Adding to the proud mom moments, Wahu recently shared a captivating video of Shiru showcasing her burgeoning mathematical skills, effortlessly counting from 5 to 10. In the clip, after Wahu counted from 1 to 4, Shiru seamlessly completed the sequence, demonstrating her remarkable aptitude at a tender age. Overflowing with maternal pride, Wahu affectionately praised her daughter’s intelligence, celebrating this milestone with her online community.

Further demonstrating their family’s bond and influence, Wahu, her husband Nameless, and Shiru were recently appointed as brand ambassadors for NipNap Diapers, a testament to their collective impact and appeal.