“Unaringa na nimekudinya mara mingi” Willy Paul Tells Diana Marua -

“Unaringa na nimekudinya mara mingi” Willy Paul Tells Diana Marua

Singer Wilson Abubakar Radido, popularly known as Willy Paul, has recently expressed his frustration with Diana Marua Bahati in the music industry, claiming that her actions have led to major brands in the country refusing to collaborate with him.

In a statement that has ignited a whirlwind of reactions online, Willy Paul has made a plea to Diana Bahati, urging her to cease her pursuit of him, as he views her as a thing of the past in his life.

“I want to tell Diana Bahati to stop chasing after me and sabotaging my dreams. Someone like you, Diana, should only be written about as my former personal assistant, not a business associate. Are you showing off, and how many times have I warned you?” Willy Paul questioned.

Diana, who recently ventured into the music industry, released a video in 2021 wherein she alleged that Willy Paul had attempted to assault her three years ago at his residence.

“He forcefully approached me and began pulling up my skirt and tearing my top. I was desperately trying to scream for him to release me. While I was shouting, he was strangling me. Eventually, he let go, and that’s when I had the opportunity to open the door and escape.”

“My top and skirt were torn… I was running frantically until I spotted a motorcycle that helped me get home. I have been pushed to share my story… Willy Paul, you attempted to assault me,” Diana emotionally recounted.

Willy Paul vehemently denied these allegations, asserting that they were orchestrated and driven by malicious intent.