Swaleh Mdoe breaks silence months after suspension from Citizen TV

Esteemed Kenyan news anchor Swaleh Mdoe has garnered widespread attention from online users with a poignant Ramadan message he shared on Citizen TV.

Amid swirling rumors regarding his purported suspension from the station, Swaleh’s message promoting peace and forgiveness strikes a chord with audiences as the holy month unfolds.

In a heartfelt video aired on Citizen Digital, Swaleh extends warm greetings to his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, marking the commencement of Ramadan with a call for introspection and reconciliation.

He underscores the significance of Ramadan as a period for Muslims to repent for their transgressions and draw closer to the divine.

“Observing another Ramadan brings immense joy,” Swaleh begins, his words brimming with sincerity and humility. “This sacred period beckons us to contemplate our deeds, seek forgiveness, and cultivate a spirit of empathy and solidarity.”

Despite the swirling speculations surrounding his suspension, Swaleh maintains composure, opting to emphasize the essence of Ramadan instead.

He encourages his audience to embrace forgiveness, extending it both to those who may have wronged them and to those whom they may have wronged.

“Let us refrain from nurturing resentments within ourselves,” he urges, his tone carrying an air of conviction. “Instead, let us welcome forgiveness and empathy into our hearts. This embodies the true essence of Ramadan.”

Regarding the alleged suspension, Mdoe reportedly faced repercussions following his absence from the 1:00 pm bulletin on Tuesday, January 23rd.

Insights from sources suggest that Mdoe had taken leave for a medical examination on the day he was scheduled to anchor the daytime bulletin.

However, his failure to notify his supervisor in advance resulted in management’s decision to suspend him from on-air duties.

Upon his return to work the following day, Mdoe was summoned by his superiors, who imposed an indefinite suspension.