Krg The Don: ‘I Pay Ksh.2.8 Million School Fees Per Term’

Krg The Don, a renowned Kenyan celebrity and dancehall artist, has once again sparked controversy and discussion online by openly disclosing the substantial amount he spends on his children’s education each term.

This self-proclaimed billionaire proudly announced that he is the father of four children, each from a different mother, all of whom are enrolled in prestigious schools following the British Curriculum rather than the typical Kenyan one.

During an interview with Obinna, Krg The Don revealed that he covers the educational expenses for all four of his children, with an astounding sum of Ksh. 2.8 million per term. This staggering amount accumulates to approximately Ksh. 8 million annually, solely dedicated to school fees.

Krg resides in a luxurious mansion valued at Ksh. 500 million, nestled within the upscale Lavington neighborhood, where he lovingly raises his children. Judging by the glimpses of their opulent lifestyle showcased in his online videos, it’s evident that they enjoy a life of extravagance.

In various interviews, Krg The Don consistently emphasizes his unwavering commitment to working tirelessly to ensure his children lead a life of opulence throughout their existence. He proudly boasts ownership of more than 3,000 acres of land situated across different regions of Kenya.

This enterprising artist and businessman has not only maintained but also expanded the wealth he inherited from his grandparents. At present, his net worth stands at an impressive Ksh. 4.2 billion, marking him as one of Kenya’s most successful individuals.