Zuchu:Rosecoco yangu imekuliwa Na Diamond Pekee Tu Kwa Maisha Yangu

During a recent Q&A session, Tanzanian songstress Zuchu fearlessly tackled a personal question regarding her romantic history. Despite the often discomforting nature of such inquiries, Zuchu remained unfazed and responded with unwavering confidence.

The interviewer, speaking in Swahili, broached the sensitive topic by asking, “Ni wanawake wangapi au wanaume wangapi umewahi kulala na kimapenzi?” (How many women or men have you romantically been involved with?). Zuchu welcomed the question and promptly disclosed the specific number without hesitation.

Her reply was concise and clear: “Mmoja tu…Peke yake” (Just one…Only one), as she affectionately embraced Diamond. Demonstrating a delightful sense of humor and camaraderie, Zuchu playfully turned the tables on the reporter, asking, “Wewe unajua boyfriend wangu gani? Kwenye industry, ndani na Nje?” (Do you know who my boyfriend is? Inside and outside the industry?).

With a warm hug directed at Diamond, she affirmed, “My one and only.” Diamond reciprocated the sentiment with a hearty smile, solidifying the affectionate connection between the two artists. This candid revelation showcased Zuchu’s openness and highlighted the playful dynamic between her and Diamond, emphasizing their strong bond both within and beyond the public eye.