“Naona Nakaa Mamako”- Samidoh brust’s Fan Who Said He Behaves Like ‘Mumama’.

Mugithi artist Samidoh is known for his straightforward and unapologetic demeanor, never hesitating to respond assertively when the situation calls for it.

This was evident in a recent interaction with one of his numerous fans who suggested that he exhibits feminine traits due to his frequent interactions with women.

The fan, identified as Cadinol Dunga Unuse, remarked, “Umekula wamama mpaka umeanza kuwa na umama” (translated: You’ve been with women so much that you’re starting to act like a woman).

Unfazed by the comment, Samidoh promptly shut down the fan with a sharp retort. In response, he humorously pointed out that he apparently resembles the fan’s mother and had taken note of it.

“Pia me nimenote nakaa mamako kabisa,” Samidoh retorted, asserting his confidence.

The fan chose not to respond further, and it seems Samidoh’s comeback was more than sufficient to end the exchange.