‘Zaeni na watu wako na akili! Jackie Matubia on being a single mum

Renowned actress Jackie Matubia, who has earned accolades for her performances, recently shared valuable insights for women, underscoring the significance of selecting intelligent and involved partners in child-rearing.

In her most recent YouTube video, Jackie candidly revealed her evolving perspective on life, narrating the highs and lows that have marked her 2023 journey.

Jackie commenced by expressing her appreciation for her life’s trajectory, affirming:

“I’m making an effort to reconnect with my YouTube audience. It’s been an incredible journey. I take pride in being a single mother of two. I’ve come to the realization that what truly brings joy to Jackie is good vibes and an ‘Inshallah’ mindset. Let’s prioritize making memories, not emotional entanglements.”

Jackie further elaborated:

“I’ve mentioned it to you all before, even if you decide to have children, choose partners who are intelligent and actively participate in their upbringing.” She chuckled before adding, “Because some of us, even as we give advice, find ourselves in the same boat.”

She acknowledged the prominence of her life in the public eye and humorously remarked:

“Oh, Jackie Matubia, Jackie Matubia, my name may sound sweet, but all I can say is that I’ve chosen self-love and self-care,” as she teared up while discussing her close-knit family.

Delving into her experiences as a single mother, Jackie underscored the roles of faith and self-affirmation:

“During the tumultuous times, I leaned on God, who held me when everything seemed to be falling apart. He assured me that He is the Alpha and Omega and has played the role of a father to my children. He’s been my dependable support. These past few months have been quite a rollercoaster – we’ve experienced losses and gained more. If you’re going through a tough phase, take a moment to identify what truly brings you happiness.”

Jackie Matubia shed light on how 2023 has left its mark on her life, encompassing her personal trials and her growth as a single mother.

Beyond her reflections on single motherhood, Jackie also addressed the challenges of navigating a failed relationship with her second child’s father, Blessing Lung’aho, as well as the pain of losing dear friends.