Meet A Maseno University Student paying Fees Through “Mjengo”

Stephen Njuguna, a third-year student at Maseno University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film Studies, is taking on various jobs to raise funds for his education and support his family back home.

Njuguna comes from a humble background and his single mother could not afford to educate both him and his sister. His sister dropped out of school so he could continue his studies. In order to make ends meet, Njuguna works as a construction worker during school breaks for two months and earns about KSh 500 per day to cover part of his school fees, hostel fees, transport, and food expenses.

He also contributes to paying the rent at home, which strains his finances and forces him to earn extra money by carrying loads at the university. On average, he earns KSh 200 per job and uses the money to fund his content creation and journalism pursuits under the stage name “Ndundori Master.”

Despite the financial strain, Njuguna is determined to ease the burden on his single mother and pursue his dreams.