Nairofey reveals how she met her UN based husband Duncan -

Nairofey reveals how she met her UN based husband Duncan

Content creator Nairofey, also known as Esther, recently shared her story of how she met her boyfriend, Duncan. The two first connected on Facebook in 2019 and formed a friendship. Duncan had told her that he worked for the UN and would help her secure a job, which ultimately led to her moving into a one-bedroom house that he paid for.

At the time, Esther believed that Duncan was a sweet man who wanted to give her the world. However, as their relationship progressed, she began to ignore red flags and allowed him to have too much control over her life. He urged her to quit her job and promised to get her a job at the UN, which led to her becoming depressed.

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Duncan also insisted that she cut ties with family members who he believed were jealous of her, and Esther obeyed him despite feeling that something was wrong. It wasn’t until she realized that Duncan didn’t actually work for the UN in New York City that she started to question their relationship.

Despite these revelations, Esther continued to be in a relationship with Duncan and even opened a popular YouTube channel, which he eventually took control of and monetized. Reflecting on her past, she now asks herself, “how did I allow someone to have so much power over me?”