BICOFU JOHANA ,PASTOR allegedly delivering a woman who has been snatching married men sparks reactions – This is madness!(WATCH).

A trending video features an Akorino pastor who gained attention for his involvement in the deliverance of a woman accused of causing disruptions in marriages. The woman had sought assistance from the pastor at his modest church, openly admitting to using witchcraft to entice and lure married men away from their spouses.

According to reports, a witch doctor had allegedly provided her with black magic to bewilder and confuse married men. The pastor, captured on video, can be seen administering anointing oil on various parts of the woman’s body, including areas deemed sensitive, as part of the deliverance process.

The release of the video has generated diverse reactions, with some individuals on social media advocating for government intervention to regulate churches. This incident has sparked a broader conversation about the practices within certain religious establishments and the need for oversight to ensure ethical and responsible conduct.