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Former television host Julie Gichuru has been trending online after she made a call for peace during the forthcoming general elections.

Her one minute video posted online sought to explain that peace leads to justice being served while conflict and violence leads to more injustice.
Julie’s video had been captioned “Don’t let pseudo intellectuals lie that one can seek justice via violence.”
The caption was interpreted to have been in reference to economist David Ndii’s earlier tweet on the country burning if the elections are a sham.

Julie’s video was retweeted hundreds of times and attracted over 200 comments.

Don’t let pseudo intellectuals lie that one can seek justice via violence. Conflict is the mother of injustice & she breeds a multitude. 🙏 pic.twitter.com/LpNhCvsbyx

— Julie Gichuru (@JulieGichuru) July 4, 2017

However, in their comments, some users lashed at the former TV host for insinuating that people should settle for lack of credible elections just for peace to prevail.

I disagree. Mau Mau didn’t use psalms. They used violence. As the language of the voicelessness. Even our flag has the symbols!
— Real Peasant.© (@kenyanpeasant) July 5, 2017

U r the same person who pushed the accept N move on nonsense now u r @it again trying 2 instill fear in us so we don’t question INJUSTICE

— Kenya @ Crossroads (@NyakoyoMr) July 5, 2017

Never again shall we be fooled with clarion calls for peace. To have it or not, is all on @IEBCKenya. U shld be asking 4 credible elections
— Romana (@Thumbelinarh) July 5, 2017

Purveyors of injustice and their enablers better be warned; peace is an outcome not an act. Justice is an act.

— Ela M Kimwele (@ElaMMK) July 5, 2017

Julie went on to clear the air on her sentiments tweeting:

Don’t care what you think of me, bt I’ve seen the result of war, wld not wish it on you/your loved ones. Ever.
Don’t wish it upon yourself.

— Julie Gichuru (@JulieGichuru) July 5, 2017

Peace is a gift.
Do not be the fool that scorns it.
To seek redress for injustice, you don’t multiply injustices.
Don’t bleed for politics.

— Julie Gichuru (@JulieGichuru) July 5, 2017

I see you fighting back hard.
Peace is a gift.
I believe in justice & in non violent action in the event of grievances #Peace

— Julie Gichuru (@JulieGichuru) July 6, 2017

As long as BAD leaders & self-serving opinion leaders try to normalise conflict and violence, I will speak to the importance of peace.

— Julie Gichuru (@JulieGichuru) July 6, 2017

I feel you. But don’t be cheated.
We ALL want free & fair elections.
We ALL do.
If anyone thinks there are issues, nonviolent action is key.

— Julie Gichuru (@JulieGichuru) July 6, 2017

The discussion led to a top trend in Julie’s full name as users weighed in:

Hey Julie Gichuru, can we download peace from the portal too? 😺

— Anansi Talaea (@AnansiTal) July 6, 2017

If only Julie Gichuru was as outspoken against corruption as she is about perceived incitement.
— Mr. H (@githaka_) July 5, 2017

— Big Vic (@Vikinyo) July 6, 2017

So,some Stupid KOT are trolling Julie Gichuru for preaching peace on her social media pages as we approach August polls? Look at good lord 🙂
— Atanas (@atanasi_) July 6, 2017

— Kamle (@Kamlepeter04) July 6, 2017

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