Bodaboda Rider Painfully Narrates How a Male Customer Bit Off His Lip After He Refused to Kiss & ‘Twatwa’ After dropping Him

Antony Mwangi, a Bodaboda rider hailing from Roysambu, found himself in a harrowing ordeal when a male client viciously attacked him, leaving him with severe injuries. Recounting the traumatic event to Paxson TV, Mwangi revealed that the incident occurred on a Friday evening when he picked up the client who requested a ride to a destination known as Zebra in Zimmerman.

Upon reaching the destination, the client insisted that Mwangi accompany him to his residence to collect a fare of Ksh 200. Initially appearing amiable, the client invited Mwangi into his apartment, offering refreshments. However, when Mwangi declined the offer, the situation took a dark turn.

The client’s demeanor shifted suddenly, turning hostile. He forcibly seized Mwangi’s phone and made lewd demands, escalating to a violent attempt at assault. Mwangi, caught off guard by the sudden aggression, resisted the assault, leading to a physical altercation.

In the struggle, the assailant resorted to biting Mwangi’s lip with such ferocity that it was torn off. Mwangi’s cries for help attracted the attention of neighbors who intervened, providing immediate assistance.

Law enforcement officers swiftly arrived at the scene, apprehending the perpetrator and transporting him to Kasarani police station. However, dismayingly, the suspect managed to secure his release on bail the following day, prompting outrage among fellow Bodaboda riders.

This incident has left the community of riders deeply unsettled and apprehensive about their safety. They lament the deceptive nature of such attacks, where seemingly harmless clients turn hostile upon arrival. In response, they have resolved to heed cautionary advice against accompanying clients to unfamiliar locations, recognizing the inherent risks involved.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability faced by Bodaboda riders and the urgent need for enhanced safety measures within the industry.