“Zuchu ni wangu: TZ Bongo star Diamond breaks silence after breakup reports with Zuchu.

The head of WCB, Naseeb Abdul Naseeb, widely known as Diamond Platnumz, has revised his position on his recent disclosure regarding his relationship status.

On a Wednesday night, Diamond asserted that he is presently unattached, sparking a considerable debate on various social media platforms.

In his statement, Diamond proclaimed, “Commencing today, I would like to officially declare that I AM SINGLE, not involved in any dating, and have no relationship with any woman.”

He went on to request his fans to refrain from associating him with any woman, assuring them that he would make a public announcement when he finds love again.

“Thus, do not link any woman as my partner. I will inform you or introduce her publicly when I start dating or have a relationship, as I always do,” he emphasized.

This revelation, shared via his Instagram Stories, triggered widespread discussions on social media, with numerous speculations that he had terminated his relationship with Zuchu.

However, on Thursday afternoon, the Bongo star issued another statement, expressing his inability to tolerate the single life.

“Allow me to inform you that the prospect of being single is intolerable, so I continue to relish my life in Hubani on the same island and neighborhood of cloves,” Simba announced.

Furthermore, he ridiculed and taunted those anticipating the end of his relationship, asserting that breakups don’t happen without reason.

“To all those who were insisting, I apologize. Next time, avoid being hasty, learn to listen a little! People don’t just break up without reason,” he stated.

In a recent interview with Wasafi Media, Mama Dangote claimed that the WCB boss has never introduced Zuchu as his romantic partner.

She clarified that, to her knowledge, Zuchu, the daughter of taarab queen Khadija Kopa, is simply an artist under Diamond Platnumz’s music label, Wasafi.

“(Diamond) has never brought Zuchu to me, saying he wants to marry her. First of all, I know Zuchu is his artist,” Mama Dangote said.

She added, “To say that Zuchu is his fiancée, I don’t know because I haven’t taken dowry to Zuchu’s family or written a letter. I know Zuchu is his artist. We are with her every day; I don’t know. I just know she is an artist. A fiancée is someone you send letters and dowry for.”

Mama Dangote insisted that the purported romantic relationship between Diamond and the female WCB artist is just for public display, as no marriage procedures have been initiated.

“If someone hasn’t sent a letter, it’s just walking together. That’s called playing. She (Zuchu) is not a fiancée; she is just a woman,” Mama Dangote stated.

She also refrained from commenting on whether she supports the relationship between the two Bongo music stars, asserting that the decision lies with the individuals involved.