Esther Musila, “Nashukuru Sana Tusichana tulichomuacha Guardian Angel Akiteseka Kwa Sababu Walinipatia Mume Mwema”

Esther Musila, the wife of Guardian Angel, recently opened up about her romantic journey and expressed her gratitude for the life they’ve built together.

In a recent interview, Esther Musila shared that the magic number in her life was 50, the age at which she crossed paths with the gospel artist Guardian Angel. Four years since their initial meeting, they continue to revel in the bliss of their love.

Reflecting on their marriage, Esther Musila extended her thanks to Guardian Angel’s previous girlfriends for rejecting him. She acknowledged that their decisions paved the way for her to find a life partner, saying, “Nashukuru Sana Wasichana Waliomuacha Guardian Angel Akiteseka Kwa Sababu Walinipatia Mume.”

Guardian Angel added a perspective on age and marriage longevity, emphasizing that age is not the sole determinant of a lasting marriage. He shared anecdotes about friends who married younger women, only to see their unions dissolve within six months.

The private wedding of Guardian Angel and Esther Musila took place on January 4, 2022. Recently celebrating their second anniversary and Guardian Angel’s 35th birthday, the couple remains deeply committed to each other in their shared journey of love and companionship.