“Kitambo Madem Walikuwa Wananilenga, Sahii Mimi ndio Nawalenga niko na pesa” Babushka.

Kenyan TikTok sensation, Babushka, has ignited a virtual uproar with a pointed message directed at women who once underestimated him due to his physical appearance.

Babushka, despite facing the challenges of being disabled, has become a recurring figure in online discussions, showcasing that disability does not equate to inability. His adept dancing skills displayed on various TikTok videos have not only garnered him a substantial following but have also paved the way for lucrative endorsement deals, significantly enhancing his financial standing.

In a candid revelation through his official Instagram stories, Babushka recounted a time when he used to strategically crop his pictures, anticipating that women would dismiss him based on his physical appearance. However, a dramatic shift has occurred since then, transforming his economic status and overall life circumstances.

The once financially strained individual now revels in the glow of wealth and fame, having transitioned into the realm of celebrity. With newfound self-assurance, Babushka boldly shares complete photos of himself, now assuming the role of the one who selectively engages with potential romantic interests.

During an interview, Babushka disclosed that his direct messages are flooded with expressions of interest from women seeking to date him. Yet, he finds himself in a position where he can exercise discernment, choosing his companionship at will and even opting to decline advances. Babushka attributes this transformative journey to success as a divine intervention, bringing with it not only financial prosperity but also a surge in confidence and positive experiences that overshadow the negativity emanating from a handful of detractors.