Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja Unveils Construction Of First Public Hospital In Mathare

Nairobi County has initiated the commencement of the inaugural public hospital construction in Mlango Kubwa, situated within the Mathare sub-county, as an integral component of its ward-focused initiatives.

Governor Johnson Sakaja of Nairobi expressed that the envisioned healthcare facility, strategically located on a rejuvenated landfill site, is poised to cater to an estimated populace of 7,000 individuals.

He emphasized his directive to Dr. Silantoi, the County Executive Committee Member responsible for health and wellness, ensuring the inclusion of essential facilities such as operating theaters, maternity wards, and requisite adjustments.

During the inauguration ceremony, Governor Sakaja underscored that the financing for the facility was made available through the Ward Development Program (WDP).

Brian Mulama, Nairobi County’s Executive Committee Member overseeing Mobility and Works, highlighted that the WDP has augmented the financial allocation for ward development, escalating it from Kes 1.4 billion to Kes 2 billion. Consequently, this enhancement has facilitated an increase in ward-specific funding from Kes 17 million to Kes 23 million.

Mulama stressed the symbiotic relationship between revenue and expenditure, urging for pragmatic budgetary approaches. He advocated for a session aimed at enabling the WDP to prioritize sectoral programs/projects effectively and allocate resources judiciously.