Narendra Raval’s Cemtech Ltd Seeks NEMA’s Approval To Set Up Plant In Kitui

Narendra Raval’s Cemtech Limited is currently in the process of securing approval from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) for the construction of a clinker factory in Kitui County.

The company has diligently compiled and submitted its Environmental and Social Impact Assessment report (EIA) to NEMA. This comprehensive report outlines the plans for a 5,500-watt thermal design power production line in Mwingi. The primary objective of the EIA study is to anticipate and address the potential impacts of the proposed project. It also aims to propose effective mitigation measures to counteract any adverse effects while maximizing positive outcomes, thereby promoting coexistence and sustainability. The report underscores the proponent’s commitment to advancing the Clinker Production Line with due consideration for environmental and social responsibility.

The approval of Cemtech Limited’s plant in Kitui County would further solidify Devki’s prominent position in the cement industry. Devki, under Narendra Raval’s leadership, has been actively pursuing strategies to expand its footprint in Kenya. This initiative follows the inauguration of the Cemtech Sebit Clinker plant in West Pokot, a project estimated at Kes 45 billion, which was commissioned by President William Ruto.

Narendra Raval envisions the Kitui-based factory producing approximately 6,000 metric tons of clinker per day, boasting an annual capacity of 2 million tons. Such production capacity is poised to cater to the demands of the East African region effectively.

Clinker, characterized by its composition of calcium silicates, aluminates, and ferrites, holds immense significance in cement production. It is formed through the heating of limestone, playing a vital role in the manufacturing process of cement.