Nairobi Motorists Set For New Parking Pay System As Sakaja Cuts Ties With KRA

Starting Friday, September 2, drivers in Nairobi will pay parking charges using another framework created by the county government.

This follows a mandate by Nairobi Governor Sakaja to server the counties ties with the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA).

Sakaja on Monday said he had reverted the revenue collection capability to the county government. This implies the payment installment stage that has been being used under the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) will be eliminated.

Presently, drivers dial *647# to pay parking fee, which is straightforwardly connected to a KRA account.

Director of parking at the Nairobi City County Tom Tinega expressed makers of the new framework were refining it before it is rolled out.

“We are finalising our systems and the public will be notified before the end of the week of the new short code that they will be using in paying for their parking fees,” Tinega said.

The Director additionally noted they are withdrawing KRA in light of the fact that they didn’t have any idea how much was being collected.

“We were never allowed to know how the system was operating or even have a hint of how much had been collected in a day,” he said.

Sakaja additionally noticed that the taxman was not hitting county officials set target.