Top KCPE girl reports to Form 1 with hen for fee & empty box

Dorice Akoth, a young girl from Kobura ward in Nyando constituency, had dreams of becoming a doctor, but her family couldn’t afford to pay for her education. Despite her father’s efforts to apply for scholarships, the family received no help. So, with no other options, Akoth’s father decided to take his daughter to Sigoti Girls Complex Secondary School with only an empty box and a hen. The plan was to talk to the school principal and figure out how to get the materials and fees needed as time went by.

The school was sympathetic to their situation, but they encouraged Akoth’s father to try to get the requirements. As luck would have it, he met some journalists on his way to the school, who connected him with the area MCA Vincent Obuya. The MCA quickly took up the matter and wired Sh60,000 to the school to cover Akoth’s fees and admission requirements, settling her in class.

The school principal, Joyce Abuya, confirmed that the student arrived with only an empty box and a chicken. By God’s grace, the journalists alerted the MCA of the situation, and he responded swiftly, sending money to cover Akoth’s fees and requirements. The student has joined the school, and the principal promised to help her achieve her dreams and goals of becoming a doctor.

For Akoth and her family, it was a happy ending. Despite their difficult circumstances, they found help and support from unexpected sources. Akoth’s determination to pursue her dreams, even in the face of adversity, paid off.