Mike Githuki: How I Rose From Selling Condoms to Working as a Journalist on National TV

Born amidst trials and tribulations, Mark Githuki’s journey was marked by adversity from the outset. Losing his parents early on, he found solace and guidance under his grandfather’s care, yet the road ahead was fraught with uncertainty.

Despite the daunting challenges, Githuki’s spirit remained unbroken, fueled by an unwavering determination to realize his dreams. His fervent desire to become a journalist burned brightly within him, undeterred by initial setbacks.

Even when his performance in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams fell short, Githuki refused to let failure define his path. Instead, with the unwavering support of his grandfather, he embraced the opportunity to retake the exams, using past experiences as stepping stones toward success.

Navigating through the constraints of poverty, Githuki encountered both barriers and opportunities along his journey. Despite financial constraints hindering his admission to university, he persevered, undertaking various jobs from casual labor to entrepreneurial ventures, such as smuggling sanitary towels.

Each obstacle only served to ignite Githuki’s determination further, propelling him to seek out new avenues for growth and advancement. It was during his time as an untrained mortician that Githuki experienced a transformative moment. Amidst the somber atmosphere of the mortuary, he discovered an inner resilience that empowered him to confront his fears and embrace challenges head-on, ultimately finding not only financial stability but also a profound sense of purpose.

Despite facing societal stigma and criticism, Githuki remained steadfast in his pursuit of his aspirations. Whether selling condoms in brothels or navigating the complexities of campus life, he refused to be swayed by external judgments.

His unwavering commitment to journalism eventually bore fruit as he secured a position at the national broadcaster, a testament to his resilience and unwavering dedication to his dreams.