Comedian Eric Omondi KCSE Results Revealed:He Got E in Maths and A in CRE. -

Comedian Eric Omondi KCSE Results Revealed:He Got E in Maths and A in CRE.

During an interview with Obinna, Eric Omondi discussed his high school academic performance, which was surprising to many. Despite attending the prestigious Kisumu Boys High School, Eric struggled significantly in Mathematics, which was his weakest subject. Eric admitted that he found the subject complex and difficult to understand, and it was a turn off for him.

Eric’s challenges with Mathematics continued throughout high school, and he only started to grasp the concepts two months before his KCSE exams. Unfortunately, this late start wasn’t enough to help him pass the subject, and he ended up getting a strong E in Mathematics, contributing to his overall C plain grade.

Despite these academic struggles, Eric’s talent and KCSE results allowed him to enroll at Daystar University. However, he chose to focus on his career instead of finishing his degree, and he has since become one of the most successful comedians in the country.

Eric plans to give back to the community by opening an arts school in the Roysambu area, which he believes will be a game-changer for many aspiring artists. He believes that with his financial success and knowledge, he can mentor upcoming comedians and guide them to success.

In conclusion, Eric Omondi’s academic struggles in Mathematics didn’t hold him back from achieving success in his career. He hopes to inspire others and give back to the community through his upcoming arts school.