Andrew Kibe; Nataka Ruebaby,Akothee Only Impresses Wazungu Wazee Huezi Sikia Vizuri

Andrew Kibe, a well-known blogger and YouTuber, has expressed a romantic interest in Rue Baby, the second daughter of Akothee. Despite the considerable age gap between them, as Kibe is more than twice Rue Baby’s age, he believes they are a perfect match. Akothee, at 40 years old, contrasts with Kibe, who is 47, and Rue Baby, at 25, born in February 1998.

In one of his podcasts, Kibe openly discussed his preference for Rue Baby over Akothee, asserting that Akothee has a penchant for older men and indicating that he views Rue Baby as a more suitable companion. This conversation emerged shortly after Akothee and Kibe had a public dispute, during which Akothee criticized Kibe for his purportedly low libido and inability to attract a bee. She also accused him of seeking to date her for the sake of fame.

Kibe went on to suggest that Akothee tends to gravitate towards men over 70 years old, whom he humorously labels “Mau Mau fighters.” In response to their disagreement, Kibe decided to forego his plans to meet Akothee in Kenya, opting instead to delegate the task to someone he referred to as “Mkenya Daima” to handle Akothee on his behalf.