My Son Was Killed:Chira’s Grandmother Cries ,She Accuses Baba T of Stealing KSh 8 Million Meant for Burial Expenses

The unexpected and sorrowful passing of Brian Chira has plunged his family and community into a state of profound shock and grief, leaving them grappling with a multitude of unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances of his demise.

During Brian’s funeral, his grandmother, overcome with emotion, broke her silence for the first time, shedding light on her grandson’s untimely departure and sparking a fervent pursuit of justice.

On the ill-fated evening of March 16, Brian Chira found himself outside an establishment in Kiambu county, seeking assistance from a passerby. An eyewitness account recounts that Brian, in distress, accepted a ride on a boda boda in his moment of need. However, tragedy struck when, upon reaching his destination and dismounting, Brian was struck by a speeding vehicle.

The witness identified the vehicle as a white canter, alleging that both the boda boda rider and the driver fled the scene, leaving Brian critically injured and alone. The delay in the release of Brian’s postmortem results only heightened suspicions surrounding the circumstances of his demise.

Brian’s grandmother voiced her concerns, expressing her conviction that there was more to her grandson’s death than meets the eye. She highlighted the prolonged wait for the postmortem results, indicating a potential cover-up or undisclosed information.

She stated, “I was informed by the authorities that Brian was hit by a car and suffered internal bleeding, but the postmortem results were delayed significantly before being made available. Something is being concealed, the full truth remains elusive. However, I’ve heard that investigations are ongoing to uncover the truth behind Chira’s death. I do not know who is responsible for Brian’s demise. Regardless, if it was an accident, the individual who struck him with the vehicle must be held accountable.”