” Mtoto ni wa bwanangu,Nlikunywa Maziwa sana nkiwa na Mimba ,sijacheat mimi” Lady says after she gives birth to an Indian baby yet the husband is black.

In the heart of Twic Mayardit Community in South Sudan, an astonishing event unfolded as a mother brought twin white children into the world. Amidst the shock and awe, she pointed an accusatory finger at her Dinka husband, blaming his excessive milk consumption for the unusual skin color of their offspring.

In a display of humility, the husband apologized and vowed never to touch milk again, unknowingly shouldering the blame for a secret that had yet to be revealed: the children were not his, but the result of an affair with a white man.

Little did the husband know that his remorseful promise would be in vain. The truth behind the children’s skin color would eventually surface, exposing the affair between his wife and a white man. This revelation would undoubtedly bring forth a complex set of emotions and challenges for the family, as they grappled with the profound impact of infidelity on their lives and the future of the twin children, who were born into a world where their origins held a remarkable and unexpected tale.