“Mkono ilitokea mbinguni ikampea mayai na nyanya”: Yesu wa Tongaren says angel visited them with tomatoes and eggs

Ever since Yesu wa Tongaren began asserting his identity as the true Jesus Christ online, he has garnered significant attention from the public at large.

Yesu wa Tongaren firmly believes himself to be the authentic Jesus Christ, the revered Son of God, whose legacy spans over two millennia.

In a recent video shared on TikTok by “Possibilities in God,” Yesu wa Tongaren narrated that his wife, Prophetess Benjamin, had a divine encounter with an angel. According to his account, Angel Benjamin descended from the heavens and anointed his wife as a prophetess.

In an unusual twist, the self-proclaimed Son of God claimed that Angel Benjamin symbolically anointed his wife with eggs and tomatoes as representations of divine blessing and the Holy Spirit. Yesu wa Tongaren elaborated, stating, “This is Prophet Benjamin. She received blessings from Angel Benjamin. She witnessed a descending cloud and saw a hand extending from it, offering her eggs and tomatoes, which were a manifestation of Angel Benjamin’s presence. The spirit of God resides within her.”

Recently, Yesu Wa Tongaren asserted that he would not undergo crucifixion for the sins of humanity a second time. This declaration came in response to inquiries from Kenyans about whether he would be crucified during the Easter period, akin to the crucifixion of Jesus.

Good Friday is traditionally observed as a day commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus at Calvary, occurring during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum. In response to these inquiries, Wekesa clarified, “Jesus was crucified only once, and as I have returned for the second time, it is foretold that I have come to offer salvation to those awaiting me, not to endure crucifixion again for their sins.”

During Easter celebrations, Christians worldwide observe the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Wekesa explained, “I have returned to fulfill the mission I initiated over two millennia ago when I departed from Earth.”

Wekesa also issued a warning to those plotting against him, asserting that they would face dire consequences for their malevolent intentions. He stated, “These individuals with dark intentions from Babylon are gathering against me. My Father has allowed them to unite in their efforts to harm me because He intends to vanquish them.”