“Kwani Huna Mbegu Bro.Wewe ni ‘Tasa’ You should have Impregnated 60 girls”~Andrew Kibe on Bien.

In a recent commentary, content creator Andrew Kibe delves into the controversial topic of Bien Barazza’s choice to undergo a vasectomy, a decision that sparked discussions last year when Bien expressed his willingness to undergo the procedure despite not having any children.

Kibe speculates that Bien’s decision may not be entirely autonomous but influenced by his wife, Chiki Kuruka. Kibe points to the complexities that can arise when men from rural backgrounds marry women from urban settings, suggesting that urban women often assert control. According to Kibe, it’s possible that Bien’s decision to undergo a vasectomy might be more rooted in his wife’s reservations about parenthood rather than his own choice.

Expressing skepticism, Kibe questions the rationale behind Bien’s decision and suggests that, given his favorable genetic traits, Bien could have fathered numerous children by now. Highlighting Bien’s remarkable physical attributes, such as his height of 6’3″ and exceptional African genes, Kibe playfully proposes a hypothetical scenario where Bien’s genetic potential could have been harnessed in a controlled environment for optimal offspring production.

Taking an unconventional stance, Kibe goes on to advise Bien to reconsider his decision and even proposes the idea of parting ways with his wife if she is influencing him to undergo a vasectomy. In his characteristic candid and straightforward style, Kibe encourages Bien to assert himself and resist external influences, including those from his wife, when making significant life decisions.