George Kimutai Ruto: President William Ruto’s Son Who Is A Pilot

George Kimutai Ruto is the son of Kenyan politician William Ruto, who is currently serving as the President of Kenya. George Ruto is a trained pilot who has worked for several airlines in Kenya and abroad.

George Ruto received his training as a pilot from the Kenya School of Flying, and later pursued further studies in aviation at a university in the United States. He has worked for several airlines in Kenya, including Kenya Airways and Fly540, and has also worked as a pilot for international airlines such as Qatar Airways.

In addition to his career as a pilot, George Ruto is also involved in various business ventures in Kenya. He is the director of several companies, including a transportation company and a real estate development firm.

George Ruto is known for his philanthropic work, and has been involved in several charitable initiatives in Kenya. He has donated to various causes, including providing support to orphaned and disadvantaged children, and has also helped to fund the construction of schools and health clinics in rural areas of the country.

Overall, George Ruto is a talented and dedicated individual who has made significant contributions to both the aviation industry and the wider Kenyan community. His career as a pilot and his involvement in various business ventures and charitable initiatives demonstrate his commitment to excellence and his desire to make a positive impact on the world.