Millicent Tata: Bungoma Woman Who earns Ksh 22,329 Per Day Working at Mjengo site Left Kenya for the UK After Losing Elections

Kenyans who choose to relocate to countries such as the US and the UK, often viewed as lands of abundant opportunities, consistently discover the gratification of securing well-paying jobs in contrast to their home country.

The narrative of Millicent Tata Wilson exemplifies this trend. In 2023, she departed from Kenya for the UK after losing the position of Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Khalaba ward in Bungoma County during the last general election held in 2022.

“After losing the polls, I saw no reason to remain in Kenya, so I opted to join my family residing in the UK,” Millicent explained.

She asserted that the decision to relocate to the UK was also motivated by the realization that job opportunities in Kenya were constrained. In some instances, acquiring a job necessitated the payment of a bribe, further influencing her decision to move.

Upon reaching the UK, Millicent decided to explore opportunities in the construction industry as a laborer.

“As a skilled individual, I identified a gap in the construction industry. Subsequently, I followed the necessary procedures in the UK. The job offer had to meet the required skill level—RQF 3 or above (equivalent to A Level and above). Additionally, I had to fulfill the English Language requirement at B1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, among other criteria,” she elucidated.

Millicent, now working as a laborer in the construction industry, finds her work to be diverse and physically demanding.

In a typical day, her tasks include site preparation, material handling, and assisting skilled workers in activities ranging from concrete mixing and pouring to demolition. She operates small machinery and contributes to maintaining a clean and safe construction site.

Millicent takes pride in her pivotal role as a team member, ensuring the construction process progresses efficiently while adhering to safety standards. Her responsibilities extend to collaborating closely with other construction professionals and following instructions from supervisors to contribute to the overall success of construction projects.

“I work diligently for nine hours a day, earning 13 pounds per hour, equivalent to 2,481.61 Kenyan Shilling,” she revealed.

Millicent contends that the income is sustainable in the UK, citing the relatively low housing tax compared to other countries.

“Taxes in the UK consistently contribute to the development and welfare of the people,” Millicent affirms.

She is currently undertaking a 6-week welding course, aiming to earn Ksh 61,000 per day. Millicent’s motivation is to achieve the financial stability necessary to return to Kenya and vie for the Bungoma senate seat.