“Can my daughter give you the kind of sex that I am giving you? You should dump her!”: I heard my mother tell my husband as they were having sex on our matrimonial bed

My mother and I did not quite have a good mother-daughter relationship. I always felt she was jealous of me and many times, she would treat me in a way that I would wonder whether I was her real daughter.

However, when I got married to my millionaire husband, she started being nice to me. She would call me and say she was just checking up on me. Mark you, never in her life had she ever taken her phone and called me and so, her kindness was really new to me. One evening, few months after I had been married to my husband, she unexpectedly came to visit me and my husband in our house.

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She said she wanted to surprise us and we both welcomed her. She said she would only spend a few days with us then go back to the village. I prepared her guestroom and after dinner, we all went to sleep. I was really surprised by how good she had become to me and my husband.

The next morning, I had an early meeting and I woke earlier and left for my meeting. I called my mother during the day and asked her how she was doing and she said she was having some pretty good fun in my house. I told her I would be back home at 8pm.

Luckily, the meeting ended at around 4pm and I immediately headed home. On reaching at the door of my house, I heard moans from the bedroom window. On listening closer, it was indeed my mother and husband having sex. Very loud sex for that matter.

“Can my daughter give you the kind of sex that I am giving you? You should dump her and take me instead,” I heard my mother telling my husband. My heart stopped beating for a while as I listened to them.

I then remembered a traditional doctor by the name Doctor Mugwenu who would teach cheating spouses a lesson and I decided to try him out. I called him, while I was still outside my house listening to my mother and husband having sex. Premium Photo | Face surprise and black woman with shock surprised and girl  isolated on white studio background portrait african american female and  lady with shocked facial expression news and announcement wit

I narrated the whole ordeal to the doctor and he immediately cast a sticking spell. No sooner had he cast the spell that they both started screaming in pain saying they were stuck in each other. I went to the bedroom and they were both startled to see me. My husband started crying and told me my mother had seduced him.

They were later unstuck and that day, I gave my mum a good beating and chased her out of my house.

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