Mr Ibu Children Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Money Raised for his said Hospital Bill

Recently, the offspring of the renowned Nigerian actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, found themselves in legal trouble after being accused of embezzling funds designated for their father’s medical expenses. The individuals implicated in the incident are Daniel Okafor, one of Mr. Ibu’s biological sons, and Jasmine Chioma, his adopted daughter.

The allegations state that Daniel and Jasmine hacked into Mr. Ibu’s phone, surreptitiously accessing $60,700 intended for his hospital bills. The police report suggests that they installed an application on their father’s phone during an ongoing fundraising campaign for his medical expenses.

Initially, Mr. Ibu’s wife, Mrs. Stella Maris Chinyere Okafor, was responsible for managing the funds allocated for her husband’s medical bills and family support. However, the sons and daughter allegedly manipulated her and took control of Mr. Ibu’s phone, gaining unauthorized access to his banking details.

This illicit access allowed them to initiate money transfers out of Mr. Ibu’s account, leading to the commencement of an official investigation. The arrest followed a petition received from Diamond Waves Law on behalf of Stella Okafor.

According to the Public Relations Officer, Mayegun Amina, the petition dated September 6, 2023, accused Onyeabuchi Daniel Okafor, Valentine Okafor (both sons of Mr. John Ikechukwu Okafor), and Jasmine Chioma Okekeagwu of conspiring to defraud Mr. Ibu while he was on his sickbed.

The Lagos court has granted the two suspects bail amounting to $56,000 as investigations continue. Their next court appearance is scheduled for March. It is noteworthy that Mr. Ibu’s health concerns became public knowledge in October of the previous year when a video of the Nollywood star in the hospital was shared on social media. In the video, he appealed to his fans for financial assistance with his medical bills, prompting a significant response. The 62-year-old actor underwent a leg amputation in November of the same year.