Murang’a Woman Living in Fear And Pain After Her Husband Forcefully Circumcised Her.

A woman in Kariti village, Kandara-Murang’a County is living in pain and fear for her life after the husband forced her to get Circumcised.

The 30-year-old woman is nursing serious injuries on her private parts ment by her husband of 12 years who she claimed had joined a cult few months ago.

According to the woman, her husband told her that she must undergo the cut since his new faith does not allow him to cohabit with an uncircumcised woman.

The man is said to have stormed the house in company of 30 other men on thee night of 9th June and did the despicable act on her.

“One of them held me by the neck, another tore down my clothes and a few started pulling off my private parts. One of them was piercing me with a needle and it was very painful,” she said.

“At around 11.00 pm, the man knocked on the door and I opened it for him but a few minutes later the other men flocked into the house and started attacking me.“They said they want to circumcise me so that I can become a ‘complete woman’ as per their practices,” she added.

“I fear for my safety and my children’s because the man might decide to harm us and he could be tracking us everywhere we go,” she remarked.

“I was first treated at a facility in Kandara, but the wounds have not healed that’s why I came to Murang’a hospital,” she explained.

She has now asked the government to give her maximum security and accord her justice.