Justina Syokau Recounts Incident That Saw Her Abstain From Kupeana ROSECOCO For 10 Years

Justina Syokau has asserted that it has been a decade since she last engaged in intimate relations. Her most recent encounter was with her ex-husband, who compelled her to engage in an extended session….CONTINUE READING

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Justina openly discussed the experience, acknowledging that her ex-husband had used Viagra, explaining his ability to sustain the activity for an extended period. She vividly described the encounter, stating, “I was pushed against a tree, from four in the afternoon until midnight. This guy told me he missed his wife, and I told him I was exhausted. Throughout our marriage, I had never witnessed anything like that; it had never been that substantial. I lived with this man, and I had never seen him so aroused. I used to stimulate him to get in the mood. I was unable to make ‘it’ erect,” she revealed.

Justina disclosed that the pressure to satisfy her partner and enhance their intimate life led her to explore pornography for the first time. “I don’t know if other women experience frustration when they suspect infidelity, prompting them to elevate their bedroom performance. I watched my first adult film while married, maybe to learn new styles. I’ve left that lifestyle because I’m now saved. I might not know the right way to please him,” she explained.

She further shared that her ex’s intense encounter marked the last time she engaged in intimate activities, and since then, a decade has passed. Justina clarified that she is no longer interested in such activities and harbors a fear of men.

“I wasn’t interested, and keep in mind, it was only two months after the birth of my son through surgery. Tell me what would arouse me in such a situation. There’s nothing new. I can’t miss it because it doesn’t benefit me at all. I fear men a lot. Any man you’ve seen me with is just a friend,” she expressed.