“Sijawahi kuliwa na mwanaume” – Njoki Murira reveals she is vi*rgin

Njoki Murira, a popular TikTok personality, has openly addressed her body count and relationship status.

During an Instagram Q&A session, the well-known content creator disclosed that she has remained chaste and has never engaged in intimate relations with a partner.

When asked about her body count by a fan, Njoki confidently asserted her innocence while playfully hinting at the arrival of her future partner.

“I am still a virgin, but soon that will change. My significant other is on the horizon,” she wrote in response.

Furthermore, when questioned about her current relationship status, she revealed that she is currently in a committed relationship.

Despite amassing over two million followers on TikTok, Njoki Murira has no immediate plans to settle down with a partner.

Her massive online following is a result of her captivating dance videos, mesmerizing presence, and vibrant energy.

In a previous interview, she expressed her determination never to be submissive to a man.

Regarding women serving their boyfriends, Njoki had this to say: “Why should we women live to serve our boyfriends? Are we meant to be at their beck and call?”

She went on to challenge the notion of unquestioning submission and fulfilling traditional gender roles: “Should I wash the hands of a man? Should I belittle myself?”

Njoki Murira is of mixed Kikuyu and Kamba heritage and hails from Magumu in Central Kenya.

She confidently asserts that her curvaceous figure is entirely natural and denies undergoing any cosmetic surgeries.

Njoki Murira receives financial support from an older foreign friend.

During a recent TikTok live session, Murira revealed that a long-standing male friend sends her money to assist with her expenses.

She clarified that she has no romantic interest in the man, as she prefers dark-skinned men.

Nevertheless, she is willing to help him find a girlfriend within Kenya.

The TikTok star emphasized that the man trusts her with his finances, and she has been utilizing the funds to search for an apartment that suits his preferences.