Flamboyant city Lawyer Ahmednasir Reveals Why His Wife is a Stay at Home Mom Despite Graduating with 1st Class Honors

Flamboyant city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has shared insights into his wife’s unconventional career path, revealing that despite her impressive qualifications in Information Technology, she has chosen to work from home.

In a captivating interview on the Churchill Show, Ahmednasir discussed the unique dynamics of his relationship with his wife, which began after his return to Kenya from the United States, where he completed his studies.

Despite the initial distance between them, their connection strengthened over time, eventually leading them to live together. Their lives took a significant turn with the birth of their first child, prompting Ahmednasir’s wife to pursue higher education abroad at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom.

After completing her studies and earning a first-class degree in Information Technology, Ahmednasir’s wife returned to Kenya. Rather than seeking traditional employment, she chose to work remotely from home.

Ahmednasir explained that this decision was motivated by their desire to have someone available to manage household affairs while also contributing to the family income. “She went to a university in England, studied IT, and graduated with a First Class. But I told her that she would not work outside because we needed someone to manage things at home. Ever since, she has been working from home and is fully employed,” he said.

Despite her qualifications and the potential for a successful career in IT, Ahmednasir’s wife prioritized her family’s needs by working from home. According to Ahmednasir, she manages her work effectively from home and receives a substantial salary.