Brenda Otieno: Bahati Thinks He Has 3 Kids but He Has None

The ongoing feud between Brenda Otieno and Bahati has taken a surprising turn, with Brenda now questioning Bahati’s paternity of his children.

Brenda, widely known for her appearance in the popular music video for the hit song “Adhiambo,” has decided to take legal action against Bahati for allegedly exploiting her without proper compensation, despite the song’s success.

Recently, Brenda demanded a 20 percent share of the song’s earnings, citing her significant contribution to its appeal and overall success. Her mesmerizing performance in the music video propelled her into the spotlight, garnering widespread attention and recognition.

“I’ve had enough of staying silent. Someone needs to tell Bahati that I’ve given him a 24-hour ultimatum to pay me for my role as a video vixen in the ‘Adhiambo’ song. If he fails to compensate me, I will sue him, as there are laws in place. He is taking advantage of me being a woman. The video has amassed 22 million views,” Brenda passionately expressed.

According to Brenda, Bahati has yet to fulfill his payment obligations, even after all this time. Unless he reaches out within the given 24-hour timeframe and provides a concrete plan for payment, Brenda intends to involve her lawyer in the matter. Determined not to back down, she vows to fight for what she believes she is rightfully owed.

As the feud between Brenda Otieno and Bahati escalates, Brenda has now raised doubts about the paternity of Bahati’s children, further complicating their already contentious relationship.