“Kujeni Nitawapea Rosecoco bure,” Police Officer beg Kenyan men

A viral video featuring a female police officer has sparked intense debate on social media platforms. In the clip, the officer passionately addresses men, urging them to refrain from engaging in relationships with underage girls, a behavior that she asserts leads to criminal consequences. She expresses her exhaustion from continuously apprehending individuals involved in such illegal activities, emphasizing the emotional toll it takes on her….CONTINUE READING

“Men, please, I implore you, refrain from pursuing and engaging in relationships with girls under the age of 18. I am tired of putting men behind bars,” she earnestly states.

The officer highlights the prevalence of men being incarcerated for defilement offenses and underscores the indispensable role men play in society, suggesting that without them, women would be left without companionship. Despite acknowledging societal derogatory terms towards men, she emphasizes their importance.

“Now, if all of you end up in jail, who will we women be left with? Even if we call you names, we cannot do without you,” she adds.

In an effort to encourage better behavior among men, the officer urges them to seek relationships with mature women instead. She even goes as far as offering her intimacy for free to those who find themselves without alternatives.

“Seek relationships with women over 18. And if you cannot find one, I will offer mine for free, even if you are older, but refrain from girls under 18,” she concludes.

The video prompted a range of reactions from Kenyan social media users, with some commending the officer for her efforts to support the male community, while others found humor in the situation. Comments varied, with some expressing gratitude for her intervention in reducing criminal cases, while others found the situation amusing or indicative of societal absurdity.