Rev Lucy Natasha reveals why she and hubby Prophet Carmel have no kids

In a recent discussion, Reverend Lucy Natasha delved into a topic that stirred the curiosity of many among her followers: why she and her husband, Prophet Carmel, haven’t welcomed children despite two years of marriage.

During an interview with Oga Obinna on April 16, Reverend Natasha articulated her perspective on the matter. She firmly believes that children are a divine gift, bestowed upon individuals according to God’s perfect timing.

While she eagerly anticipates the joy of parenthood, Reverend Natasha draws solace from witnessing her younger sister, Shifra, relish in the blessings of motherhood with her two children.

Reverend Natasha underscored the belief that the gift of children ultimately rests in God’s providence. She remains hopeful and steadfast in prayer, trusting that, in due time, they too will be blessed with children, adhering to the divine plan with patience and unwavering faith.

Additionally, she expressed her aspiration to have two children in the future, reflecting her enthusiasm for the journey ahead.

The love story of Reverend Lucy Natasha and Prophet Carmel commenced when Carmel, an Indian preacher, proposed to Natasha during a church event.

Their union was solemnized in a traditional ceremony in January 2022, marked by jubilant festivities and attended by their cherished ones, including notable figures from Kenya.

Their paths crossed through social media, where Prophet Carmel initiated contact with her, and since then, their bond has flourished into a deeper connection.

In recounting her narrative, Reverend Natasha aims to inspire others to place their trust in God’s plan and timing, even amidst uncertainties and inquiries. She remains optimistic and grateful for the blessings bestowed upon her, eagerly anticipating the unfolding of the future.